Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how GeeklyHub collects, stores and uses information about you, our User. In this document, the terms “GeeklyHub’, “Platform”, “website”, “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to This Privacy Policy document applies to processing, storing and using information that we collect when you use our website or that you share with us yourself. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information you share with third parties.

We collect certain personal information that is absolutely necessary for service provision. This information is limited to your email address, phone number or Facebook ID. You may choose not to share this information with us. Please remember that in this case you will still be able to browse the website but you will not be able to create your personal account and enjoy our Platform’s free and paid features.

We also collect, use and process the following information that is not vital for service provision:

  • Information you provide to us directly;
  • Information that is collected automatically;
  • Information received from other sources.

Information you provide to us directly

We collect, store and process information you provide to us directly. When you fill in the Profile section of your account, communicate with us or fill in a form you may choose to share your phone number, date of birth, place of study, your educational background and other information that you deem appropriate.

Information that is collected automatically

The following information is collected automatically when you use our Platform:

  • Log information that includes your IP address, browser version, frequency and duration of your visits to our website, and pages visited during your stay on the Platform;
  • Device information that includes information about your desktop or mobile device that you used to log in or visit GeeklyHub such as device hardware model, its operating system, device model and screen resolution;
  • Location information that includes information about your device location when you create your account or access your account on;
  • Information collected by third-party services includes data collected by cookies, pixels, and other tracking scripts. We and third-party services use these scripts to collect information about you. You can find out more on our Cookie Policy page.

Information received from other sources

We might receive information about you from other sources when these third-party sources have your consent or permission to share information about you with us. If you choose to create your account or log in to your account using a third-party social media such as Facebook, we will receive access to certain information about your account from that service. In particular, we will receive your email that you used to create your account on Facebook. This type of information is crucial for your access to the Platform, its free and paid functionality, and is vital for service provision.

Sensitive information

Sensitive information pertains to your race, ethnic origin, gender, political opinions and religious beliefs, and your medical condition. GeeklyHub does not collect sensitive information about you. If you choose to share this information with us, we will not store or process it. We are not responsible for any sensitive information that you choose to share with other Users of the Platform.

Online privacy protection of children

GeeklyHub is not intended for use by anyone under eighteen (18) years of age and does not intentionally collect information about anyone under that age.

Legal basis for processing and using your information

Legal basis for collecting, processing and using your information described in the previous section of this Policy depends on the context, in which such information is collected, and the type of information we collect:

  • We utilize information about you that is vital for service provision. We need it to give you access to our Platform, its paid and free features;
  • We process information about you when it is in our legitimate interest to do so. For example, we may need to use it for fraud prevention purposes, or for the purpose of improving systems security, improve your overall experience with GeeklyHub, or to respond to your communications to us;
  • We might be legally obliged to collect information about you and might need this information to protect your interests and interests of other users of the platform;

Information about you is used to operate, modify, improve and protect our platform, provide you with our free and paid services, and communicate with you.

Using your information for Platform modification, improvement and operation

This is how your information is used to facilitate GeeklyHub operation, modification and improvement:

  • We use it to maintain, modify and improve our Platform, in particular, to process transactions, develop new services, launch new products and improve GeeklyHub performance;
  • We use it to control and monitor website usage and to analyze trends to improve experiences of all website users and visitors;
  • We use it to prevent and investigate fraudulent activities or transactions;
  • We use it to prevent abuse and limit or prevent activities that violate our Honor Code and Terms and Conditions of Use;
  • We use it to protect the rights and ensure safety of all GeeklyHub users;
  • We use it to conduct statistical analysis, perform administrative tasks, and perform accounting operations

Using your data for communicating with you

We use information that we collect about you for various ways of communicating with you. This means we need it to do the following:

  • Provide you with customer support and service;
  • Answer your questions;
  • Send you news and technical updates;
  • Conduct surveys;
  • Notify you about updates in your communication with other platform users if you allow us to do this;

Other uses of information

We also use information about you to show you content and platform features that match your profile. Me might use it to facilitate promotions.

We share information about you with third parties and with authorities. We need to do so to comply with legal obligations and protect our own legal rights. We might transfer information about you to other countries for the same reasons.

Sharing your information with service providers

We need to use third-party services to operate our website and improve it. We use them to process payments, send our emails, host our data, manage advertisement, and provide technical support. We authorize them to use only certain types of information about you that they absolutely need to conduct their operations. We ensure that they do not violate rules of access to your information.

Sharing your information for security reasons

We employ various technical and organizational measure to ensure that your information is safe with us. In particular, all information that you choose to share with us is protected against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and other use. We store all your information securely. We have trained our employees on all our data protection policies. We made sure that only employees with appropriate levels of authorization have access to your information. We constantly test our hardware and software for vulnerabilities and undertake all necessary actions to protect your information against data breach. No matter how hard we try to protect your data, we need your help here as well. We require all our users to store their Platform access data safely and securely. Do not share your password with anyone. When you create your password, make sure that it does not match your other passwords.

Transferring your information to other countries

We might need to transfer your information to other countries. These countries might be different from the one of your residency. While doing this transfer, we make sure to undertake all necessary measures that are needed for this transfer to comply with requirements of this Privacy Policy.

Your data rights include:

  • The right to access, change, and request removal of your information;
  • The right to request restricted processing of your data;
  • The right to request download of your information for your own use;
  • The right to opt-out of marketing-related communications and promotions;
  • The right to withdraw your consent for our processing and storing your information;
  • The right to complain to your local data authority about our collection of your information.

You can change and review information about you; you can request that we delete you database record completely or in part; you can decide to opt out of our promotional and marketing messages; you can download information you provided to us.

Changing and reviewing your information

You may review and change (update) or delete some or all of your account information. You can do this by accessing your profile page on our platform. You can also change the information we store about you by sending a request to

Deleting your database record

You may request that we delete your database record by sending us an email to

Opting out of communication

You may opt out of promotional or marketing communications (emails) by clicking “Unsubscribe” in our emails. If you want to stop receiving other types of communication such as status updates, technical and security notifications or other types of messages, please send us an email to

Downloading your information

You can download the information you provided to us. If you want to receive a data file that contains all information that you provided to us, please send us an email to

Your choices on cookies

We and our third-party partners use cookies, pixels and other types of tracking scripts to collect information about your use of our website. Please consult our Cookie Policy to learn more about those tracking technologies and how you can limit or opt out of cookies.

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us at or at