Cookie Policy

This policy on cookies applies to all GeeklyHub services or pages that reference this policy. In this document, the terms “GeeklyHub’, “Platform”, “website”, “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to According to this policy, you allow storage of tracking scripts and pixels on your device when you use our platform.

Cookies make everything better, including our website. But what are they? Cookies are small data files. They are downloaded to your desktop or mobile device, and enable GeeklyHub functionality. When you access GeeklyHub, your device sends a cookie to us and allows us to recognize you. This enables us to provide you with a safe and secure access to our website. When someone tries to access your account from a device we do not recognize, we learn about that because of cookies that we store. We use two types of cookies. Session cookies are stored only for the current browser session or for your current visit. Persistent cookies are stored on your device for a long period of time.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Recognize you during your visits to the website;
  • Remember your preferences and personalize your experiences;
  • Increase speed and security of your interaction with the website.

Check the table below to understand main categories of our cookie usage:

Category of useDescription
AuthenticationOnce you sign in to GeeklyHub, we use cookies to personalize your experience and show you the information that is relevant to you
SecurityWe need cookies to enable our security features. They help us discover frauds and harmful activity and spot violations of our Terms of Use or Honor Code.
Platform servicesWe need cookies to deliver our services and show you platform features based on your location and preferences.
Analytics and researchWe need cookies to understand how you access and use GeeklyHub. When we track platform performance, we aggregate data that was gathered by our tracking scripts to analyze and improve platform performance. We use scripts like Google Analytics and Hotjar (check table below on the exact list of scripts we employ) to analyze performance of the website. These third-party scripts collect data on your usage of the platform such as the device you use, its brand name, operating system, screen resolution, duration and time of your visit, the time you spent on each page you visited, your IP address, and links you clicked.

We use other services for analytics and advertising. These services employ different technologies, described below, to collect information about you, your usage of the website and our services.

Pixel tags. Pixels, clear GIFs, or web beacons are small pieces of code that are built into websites and emails. Pixel tags are used to understand how you interact with website pages or emails as well as to customize your experience.

Device identifiers. These are pieces of code that work as labels used to identify a mobile device. These labels are used to analyze and improve website performance on mobile devices.

Local storage. This default technology enables usage and storing of your data on your device regardless of the platform. It is needed to store your preferences or changes you make before they are sent to our servers.

Usage categoryPurposeProvided by
LocalizationThis type of cookie is used to enable location-specific features and
Features and servicesThis type of cookie is used to deliver our products and
AnalyticsThis type of cookie is used to research and analyze how you interact with the platform. Also we use these cookies to segment our audience into different types.Google Analytics
Google Tag
AdvertisingThis type of cookie is used to serve you relevant ads and track performance of advertising campaigns.Google

You can opt out of cookies. However, please note that when you choose to do so, certain website features may not work correctly. Most desktop and mobile browsers have cookies enabled by default. You can disable cookies in your browser or delete existing cookies by checking your browser cookie settings under Preferences or Help section of the browser settings menu. To learn more about your cookie options, visit or