Honor Code
This Honor Code is an ultimate guide on how to preserve trust and respect while using our website. Any violations of this Code will result in user account termination. If you have any questions about this Code, please contact us: support@geeklyhub.com.

1. Personal Behavior of all Users

  • You have to act ethically;
  • You have to comply with all our policies;
  • You have to respect the rights of others;
  • You have to comply with laws and regulations;
  • You will not engage in illegal practices;
  • You will respect rights and interests of other Users;
  • You will not discriminate or bully other Users;
  • You will not use a false identity;
  • You will respect confidentiality and privacy of other Users;
  • You will provide correct information about yourself;
  • You will not cheat or deceive other Users by referring yourself to the referrals program.

2. Honor Code for Students

  • I will not use GeeklyHub for violations of any academic policy;
  • I will not use materials that I receive from Geeks to violate any university or college policy;
  • I will not try to present educational materials I receive from Geeks as my own work;

3. Honor Code for Geeks

  • I will not create circumstances that would allow students to violate any university or college policy;
  • I will not help others create such circumstances;
  • I will provide educational materials to the Student and I will bear full responsibility for quality and accuracy of these materials.

4. List of Restricted Task Requests

Every User of GeeklyHub platform who infringes the specified restrictions will be banned permanently and her/his account will be deactivated. The following task list violates our platform rules (please note that the list is not exhaustive and should be used as a guide):

  • Create fake data, info, citations, etc.;
  • Compose false financial reports;
  • Include fake work experience in CVs;
  • Complete college/school homework tasks;
  • Impersonate student’s identity;
  • Create materials to be presented as student’s work;
  • Ask answers for exams, labs, tests when instructed not to use third-party help;
  • Falsify documents of any type;
  • Ghostwrite dissertations, theses and term papers;
  • Other tasks violating any college/corporate policies.

5. Sharing contact information

  • I will not ask other Users to share their personal contact details;
  • I will use GeeklyHub interface to communicate with other users.

6. Contact

  • I will not ask other GeeklyHub users for their private contact details;
  • I will communicate with other GeeklyHub users only through website features.