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16 Apr 2021
Carmen Brackeen
Love, love, love GeeklyHub
Love, love, love GeeklyHub! I literally couldn’t have that wonderful result without their first-class assistance!
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7 Apr 2021
Luka Dragich
An excellent partnership
I was having problems giving my Geek the correct info, but they were with me every step of the way. Quick responses, never felt any possible scam, super good quality, and I am absolutely impressed!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks, Luka!
30 Mar 2021
Zakir Hussain
Better than any similar website I know
I can't say that GeeklyHub has no drawbacks - they certainly do, but unlike other companies, they are very critical and particular for the quality of the service. I love the level of professionalism of Geeks and the pricing. If you are a student that needs extra help, this is the best option.
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Thanks for your feedback!
25 Mar 2021
Rhoda P.
A fast and reliable service
The Geek assigned to me saved my sanity today. In less than three hours, we managed to finish a stellar document. It ended up as something well-written and well-researched graphically presented output. When I realize they had less than eight hours to finish this project I went searching on the web, and I found GeeklyHub. This site was the best find ever from a Google search. I highly recommend it.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you so much, Rhoda!
25 Mar, 2021
Public Ivy Student
I got disppointed!
Here's the thing. Do not rely on GeeklyHub to take your tests. Seriously, they will reject you saying that they don't do such things. As for other tasks they are great. But they won't do your exams :(((
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Hey there, we are very sorry that your expectations were not met but our Geeks do not agree to be engaged in any kind of activity not aligned with college policies. However if you need a tutoring session to get ready for the exam we will be happy to help!
17 Mar, 2021
Amazing! It was super cheap but on schedule nonetheless.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks, Josh!
8 Mar 2021
Thank you so much for helping me out
Thank you so much for helping me out. It's been such a bad week for me, and if it weren't for this website, I wouldn't have known what to do.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you so much for finding time to write this review!
5 Mar, 2021
Sharon A.
The deadline for my task was not met
The deadline for my task was not met despite extending it for 1 hour! The quality was good.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Dear Sharon, we see that you already got a refund for the task the Geek failed to provide on time. Again, we are very sorry for any inconveniences this situation caused and we hope to see you back!
1 Mar 2021
Brooklyn Hawkins
I am sure to go back in here
This was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. They give fast and quality service while exactly doing the things I requested. I am sure to use this service again.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
We're very happy you are satisfied!
21 Feb 2021
Kai Kemp
Very fast
Very fast and had my request delivered early. I’m a busy person, a full-time mom, working full time, and going to school full time as well makes me forget tasks at times. It’s very worth it and at a reasonable price on top of that.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks, Kai!
10 Feb 2021
A satisfied customer!
I’ve used their services three times after discovering their website only one week ago. I wanted to write this review because I read some negative reviews about GeeklyHub that left me feeling hesitant about trying their services. I ultimately gave it a shot and I was satisfied with the outcome. I’ve used GeeklyHub for various requests and I had great results. I’m happy with the services they provided me and I wanted to share that with others who may be on the fence about using GeeklyHub.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you soooo much, Mallory!
10 Feb 2021
They refused to help
They did not find a Geek for me within 2 hours! The least that could be done is that I receive my refund!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Hey there, unfortunately due to the rare qualification of the Geek you needed for your task, we were unable to find an available expert right on the spot. A full refund was already made to your card. Please expect your money back in 3-5 business days. We hope to meet your expectations in the future!
5 Feb 2021
Itamar Guzmán
Savior of time
My experience has been really good. Especially during this pandemic, it is really hard for me to cope with my workload. GeeklyHub has been of big help!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks, we'll be really glad to help you again!
25 Jan 2021
Melisa Branham
My first time trying GeeklyHub
I have tried other websites, and it was either they wouldn't answer their phones or did not understand the instructions (I am very detailed in giving instructions). I am sticking with you guys ONLY from now on! Thank you soooo much for helping me! Plus, your pricing is very fair! I wanted to leave my Geek a tip, but I used all I had so I definitely will with my next task!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Dear Melisa, thank you so much for your kind feedback. It means a lot for us <3
17 Dec 2020
Christopher Perez
Awesome and easy-to-use service
Awesome and easy-to-use service, straightforward and great Geeks that do the work right.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you so much, Christopher!
13 Dec 2020
I am really happy with their service
I am really happy with their service. They are efficient and trustworthy.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you so much for your review!
3 Dec 2020
Nicole Whaley
I was really impressed with the quality
I was really impressed by the quality of my task! I gave my Geek the instructions and he/she helped me as promised! I will definitely be using this service for future tasks! I am extremely satisfied! I will be recommending this service to others that need assistance!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you so much for your feedback, Nicole
23 Nov 2020
Excellent work
Excellent work and I received assistance in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend it.
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks, Steph!
11 Nov 2020
Nice website
Fully legit service that helps even in challenging subjects. GeeklyHub helped me find sources and proofread some parts of my task that I wasn’t confident about. Very professional approach!
Verified purchase
Reply from GeeklyHub
Thank you, Kayle!
6 Nov 2020
I got the help I needed
I needed someone to help me structure my Nursing Reflection journal. I wasn't sure about my grammar and the grading rubric details. These guys have helped me so much! Experienced team of people who really care!
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Reply from GeeklyHub
Thanks for your feedback, Arthur!
16 Dec 2019
Rincy R
Very helpful
Geeklyhub experts are very helpful for those who work part-time after studies. Since I am busy after my class hours I got help at GeeklyHub with a few tasks. Geeks helped me nail them and I got no complaints from my side. Thanks for the great support you provide, guys :)
Verified purchase
30 Nov 2019
Namitha Surendran
Very satisfied
I have to attend my part-time shift and complete my Economics tasks, as well. That’s why I have chosen GeeklyHub to get extra hands to understand the concepts. I can proudly say they managed to help me the way I expected.
Verified purchase
22 Nov 2019
Jijo M Francis
Pretty helpful team
Awesome experience with GeeklyHub. My friend suggested me to use their services. When I started getting help from GeeklyHub it became the best part of my entire college journey. Thanks to all the Geeks!
Verified purchase
8 Nov 2019
David Wohlers
Super Fast!!!
I can’t believe they are so fast. I have received the notes for my project before the deadline. The Geek helped me a lot! The quality of his work was excellent. Thank you, GeeklyHub, for your vivid work.
Verified purchase
4 Oct 2019
Zoey G
My MS thesis needed to be reformatted
My MS thesis needed to be proofread and I truly didn’t have the time! So I gave it to Geeks. I knew there was no way anybody could nail a task like that perfectly, so there were some issues. However that motivated me to check everything, and when I got really stuck - I reached back out and they were helpful.
Verified purchase
18 Sept 2019
Done a great job on time
Being new to Biotechnology, the task was a tough one for me. I needed to complete it at any cost and submit it within a given time period, but I had no idea how to start. While browsing the internet I came across GeeklyHub and it wasn't a disappointment. They have helped me a lot and I managed to complete it all by myself after a tutoring session with a Geek.
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18 Sept 2019
Jill Grey
I received comments from my Geek 12 hours before I requested. Fantastic!!!
Verified purchase
14 Sept 2019
Annie Arzaynda
Quick responsive team
I would recommend GeeklyHub to everyone. They defined the structure well and properly followed the guidelines. I got my files before the deadline. The price was also affordable.
Verified purchase
20 Aug 2019
Lusi Sandra
Not perfect, but nice
My Geek helped me a lot on my History project. Although I can't say that I was truly impressed by my Geek.
Verified purchase
10 Aug 2019
Mateo Silva
Way better than others
Comparing with all similar websites, GeeklyHub is way easier to navigate. I tried other services before, but so far the quality of work and pricing here 100% worked for me.
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